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White Papers

KISS Approach to Process Modeling

Concepts to ensure that your process models are not just pretty but are also not so complex that no one can understand them or wants to maintain them.


A Litmus Test for Process

Techniques for accurately identifying business process in your organization.


The Invisible Process

Finding your processes. They exist even if you've never classified or documented them.


The Next Pendulum Swing in Business

What's the next trend in Business. Are we moving out of the information age into something else?


Simplifying "Complex Events"

Simplifying the discussion of complex events in business process.


What's More Important, Process or Rules?

A brief look at the discussion of which is more important to a business, the processes or the business rules.


SIPOC for Service - Is It Enough?

A discussion of the SIPOC modeling technique used primarily in Six Sigma projects in manufacturing firms and whether it documents sufficient detail for use in Service Sector processes.


Three Critical Success Factors for Process Improvement

This paper explores the three most important aspects of Business Process Management Projects and what elements must be present to succeed.


Six Sigma for Service-Is it Sufficient?

This paper is a discussion of the use of Six Sigma for process improvement in the Service Sector. It looks at several companies that have a reputation for successfully implementing Six Sigma to determine whether it was the use of Six Sigma that created the success or if it also required other critical success factors.


When the Customer Gets Lost in the Rules

This paper explores the real life experiences of a customer and examines the question of whether it's possible for organizations to get so caught up in implementing their "rules" that the whole concept of the customer is lost.




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