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Consulting Services

Process Project Management Coaching   Process Architecture Development
Our goal, above all, is to enable organizations to conduct their process management efforts on their own. However, organizations are often unaware of the complexities involved in implementing process management efforts whether those are a simple process improvement project or more all encompassing business process management from the strategic level down. Our objective is guide an organization through these paths and provide the guidance and coaching which will enable an organization to be self-sufficient.   The development of a Process Architecture is integral to the success of any process improvement effort in an organization. Many organizations have not defined and organized their processes into a process architecture. We assist organizations with this effort. Normally, it can be completed within a week at most.
Process Facilitation Coaching and Training   Train the Trainer Program
Facilitating a process improvement session, whether it's for defining and documenting a process architecture, defining a process project, gathering information about the current processes or designing new processes, is not as easy as leading a meeting or presenting to a group. The success of a process improvement effort is often dependent on the quality of the information obtained from a variety of groups. We enable our clients learn the techniques and skills needed to obtain quality information.   The "Train the Trainer" program allows organizations to license our training materials and provide training to their own instructors enabling them to conduct training sessions in the future using our materials under license.

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