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Business Process Modeling Overview

(1 Day)

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Course Summary

Research has shown that most BPM failures can be attributed to the failure of organizations to properly define and communicate the most basic process principles to the people in the organization.  As a result there is a significant disconnect in perceptions about what a “process” is, the information related to process that must be identified, the appropriate techniques for communicating process information and how to analyze that information in a way that results in substantial improvements to process.

This one-day module will focus on the fundamental building blocks of process, process projects and process modeling and analysis. For those getting started this tutorial will provide you with the knowledge you will need to initiate process transformation. If you’re already experienced it will provide an overall comprehensive framework to pull together the components of BPM into a more integrated whole that is repeatable and shareable. Business Process Management (BPM) allows organizations to be flexible and to quickly adapt to changes in customer requirements and expectations, often initiated by competition or changes in regulations. In order to do this, people within the organization must be able to identify, model, analyze and design processes in an effective way.

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Learning Objectives...

  • Understand the value and benefits and principles of business process management and how to apply them
  • Understand BPM best practices and methodologies
  • The strategic, tactical and operational considerations in a comprehensive BPM framework
  • Become familiar with the vocabulary & industry level knowledge
  • Learn the basics of document processes
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles
  • Be able to identify the major dangers to avoid
  • Concepts and Ideas to help educate leadership
  • Understand which measures are the most important

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Intended Audience...

A one day session for management and executives concentrates on providing an awareness of BPM and its overall importance. It also covers standardization of the terminology being used, the modeling notations, methods, techniques and the process taught in the more extensive three day session.

It is not aimed at giving the attendees the ability to undertake the detailed activities. It is intended to provide an overview for understanding and appreciation.

This awareness session is a must for everyone interested in business process management. It’s designed for business managers, business analysts, and practitioners involved in process-based change.

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Course Outline...

Principles of Business Process

  • Definition of Process
  • Building Block of Process

Defining Process Projects

  • Techniques to Manage Project Scope Creep

Modeling Business Processes

  • Identifying the “right” information
  • Modeling Techniques

Analyzing Processes

  • Analysis Techniques

Creating New Processes

  • Process Design Techniques

Small Group Case Study Exercise

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