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Process Facilitation Workshop

(2 Days)

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Course Summary

This course uses the 5WH approach.  In other words it will answer the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Effective Business Process information collection.  It will cover the essential components of these sessions, the benefits of the approach, how to select the right participants and how to prepare for and run a session.  In addition because the role of the facilitator is so important in the success of collecting the correct information, the course will provide the essential education in the skills and techniques needed by someone performing the Facilitation role.

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What Makes this Course Unique...

This course is unique in combining the method, human factors, technology and political strategies necessary to make your Process Oriented Facilitated sessions successful.  It is a practical course that combines lecture with a number of workshops that provide attendees the opportunity to practice the techniques.

It does not take the “silver bullet” approach but instead shows how to use Facilitation to your advantage regardless of your present situation.

  • Understand why information gathering and facilitation for process projects is different
  • Understand what questions to ask in order to reduce process analysis and design risk
  • Understand when to interview and when to run facilitated session.
  • Understand the different styles of workshop participants.
  • Understand the range of creative approaches that turn conflict into consensus for process assessment and design.
  • Understand who should and should not play which roles

Attendees will be given a "Facilitation Handbook" as part of the training materials that contains sample agendas, checklists, guidelines for facilitation and hints and tips for conducting successful facilitated sessions.

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Learning Objectives....

  • How to build a good interview checklist and workshop agenda
  • How to conduct interviews and facilitated sessions designed to gain trusted information about processes.
  • How to gain consensus among competing and conflicting stakeholders.
  • Facilitator skills and techniques to successfully run a Facilitated Session within a process driven framework.
  • How to implement the concepts of process oriented facilitated sessions successfully in your organization.
  • How to obtain the “right” process information, the first time

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Intended Audience...

  • Business Analyst professionals who will be responsible for gathering and documenting information about an organization’s business processes.
  • Process Project Managers responsible for implementing total project solutions.
  • IS Professionals responsible for defining functional requirements from process solutions.
  • Information and Business Professionals who will have facilitator responsibilities.
  • IS and Business Professionals who are expected to be participants in a Facilitated session.

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Course & Workshop Outline...

Use of Facilitation in Process Management

  • Overview of a framework for process-based change
  • Facilitation Framework
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Interviews vs. Workshops

  • Information Gathering
  • Validation
  • Creation / Innovation
  • When to use Interviews, Workshops and Questionnaires

Communication Fundamentals

  • Starting and managing meetings
  • One-way vs. two-way communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Guidelines to enhance listening skills
  • Group decision-making styles, problem-solving orientations
  • How to handle difficult situations that can arise
  • Balancing the needs of a group

Interviews for Information Gathering

  • Interviewing Executives
  • Interviewing External Stakeholders
  • Interviewing Workers

Interviewing Tools and Techniques

  • Interview Checklists
  • Interviewing Documentation
  • Interview Roles
  • Interviewing Best Practices

     WORKSHOP #1 – Interviewer Role Play Extracting the “Right” Information

The “Art” of Process Facilitation

  • Basic Skill Set
  • Advanced Skill Set
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations and People
  • Information at the “right” level of detail

     WORKSHOP #2 – Facilitator Role Play-Defining the Boundaries of a Process

Planning a Facilitated Session

  • Agenda
  • Attendees
  • Which Clients should be there
  • Cross-Functional participation
  • Corporate sponsor - a key requirement
  • Rules
  • Preparation
  • Facilities
  • Equipment
  • Responsibilities of the Facilitator
  • Role of the Scribe

     WORKSHOP #3 – Facilitator Role Play- Defining High Level Activities

Facilitating the Process Information

  • Responsibilities of the Facilitator
  • How to ask questions
  • Responsibilities of the Facilitator
  • How to determine what’s appropriate
  • Responsibilities of the Facilitator
  • How to validate the information
  • Responsibilities of the Facilitator
  • What techniques to use and when

     WORKSHOP #4 - Facilitator Role Play – Model a Process Flow

Facilitating the Creative Process

  • How to develop criteria
  • Selecting the technique
  • Generating creative ideas
  • Compiling ideas into potential solutions

     WORKSHOP #5 – Facilitator Role Play –Creative Session for Process


  • Brief review of Course Topics
  • A Management Perspective

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