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Introduction to Business Rules in Business Process

(1 Day)

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Course Summary

Many organizations involved in some kind of "Process Improvement" effort spend a great deal of time and resources documenting processes graphically. Organizations struggle to maintain their process models due to the investment of time and resource required to keep them current. Every organization is driven by business policies, whether "real" or "assumed". Does your company spend a lot of time and resources ensuring the accuracy, consistency and validity of its business policies and rules?

Reuse! Adaptability! Flexibility! All critical concepts in today's business environment if organizations want to prosper, increase market share, improve profitability.

In this module the connection between process and rules is made clear and understandable. Participants will learn the techniques for gathering information about both rules and process in an efficient and effective approach.

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Learning Objectives...

  • How to create the right criteria for defining Business Rules
  • How notations like BPMN are an important part of understanding Business Rules
  • How the documentation of Business Rules as part of the process influences the elements of reuse, adaptability and flexibility in the process models themselves
  • How the documentation of Business Rules influence the usefulness of a process model well beyond its initial creation
  • How to identify the "Rules" in Business Process

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Intended Audience...

  • Business Analysts
  • IS Professionals responsible for defining functional requirements from process solutions
  • Information and Business Professionals who will have facilitator responsibilities
  • IS and Business Professionals who are expected to be participants in a Facilitated session

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Course & Workshop Outline...

Gaining Flexibility through Process and Rules

  • Understanding the requirements of Process
  • Keeping Process and System models separate
  • Keeping Process and Rules separate
  • Creating the ability to keep process and rules models in sync

Process Model Notations affect Reuse

  • How modeling notations affect analysis
  • How do notations affect maintainability
  • Understanding the transition from process to technology

Aligning Process Guides and Rules

  • Understanding Guides
  • Types of Guides
  • Decomposing Guides to Rules
  • Graphical representation of Rules
  • Simple fact model for rules
  • Examples of Rule Statements

Workshop - Define Rules from Process

Criteria to Consider for BPMS and BPA Tools

  • Prioritizing the focus of analysis
  • Implementing Use Cases
  • Finding "root cause" using different techniques
  • Identifying and Implementing "quick wins"



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