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Business Process Modeling, Analysis & Design

(2 Days)

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Course Summary

This two day session focuses on the basics of the knowledge and skills need to understand and get started with a process oriented project.

This course provides practitioners and business analysts with an introduction to the skills and techniques required to design new processes or to redesign and improve existing processes.  This course focuses on identifying opportunities for process improvement and presents the process analysis, modeling and design techniques and tools required to improve performance. Participants learn to scope processes and to model organizations, value chains and specific processes using graphical models to document results.  And, they learn how to design measurement techniques for evaluating outcomes.  Guidelines are provided for establishing modeling standards and selecting simple tools. The course is organized around a universally applicable case study that will be developed by attendees working in teams.  The approach is hands-on and business oriented and attendees will be able to immediately apply what they learn within their own organization.

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What Makes this Course Unique...

This course is based on practical real-world knowledge, not theoretical concepts.
Attendees will be given the knowledge and techniques that can be used as the basis for accelerating their own projects.  This is an overview course with a limited number of workshops. At the end of the session, participants should:

  • Understand how to develop a common language for describing business processes
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the people in the process
  • Understand the principles and benefits of proven analysis and design techniques
  • Understand how to identify opportunities for improving business process performance
  • Understand the value of root cause analysis
  • Understand how to validate solutions and gain buy-in from management and staff

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Learning Objectives...

  • How to appropriately define a business process project scope
  • How to select and apply the proper tools and techniques to model, analyze, manage, measure and improve processes
  • How to develop and apply re-usable process documentation templates
  • How to apply creative thinking approaches and design techniques to process improvement
  • How to develop critical measures for evaluating business process performance
  • How to develop and apply testing, and validating methods to new process designs

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Intended Audience...

This course is designed for business analysts and practitioners and provides a comprehensive introduction to the skills and techniques used in analyzing business processes and redesigning or improving processes. This Analysis and Design course is a must for business and IT architects, analysts and designers involved in process-managed organizations, process-based change, and the automation of process solutions. TQM, Lean and Six Sigma team members, requirements specialists, project managers, HR competency professionals and change agents will all benefit from the knowledge and skill acquired in this course.

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Course & Workshop Outline...

Introduction to Business Process Management

  • Motivation for Process Change
  • A clear, concise definition of process

Define Process Projects

  • Identification of process stakeholders
  • Formulate process vision and performance targets
  • Document IGOE's (Inputs, Guides, Outputs & Enablers)
  • Define project scope
  • Develop project approach and standards

Modeling Processes

  • Importance of modeling the "current" process
  • Modeling standards
  • Pros & cons of several popular modeling techniques

     Case Study: Workshop 1 - Modeling Process

Measuring Processes

  • Finding the 'right' measures
  • Balanced measurement techniques

Analyzing Processes

  • Conducting a process walkthrough
  • Conducting root cause analysis
  • Applying various value  added analysis techniques
  • Identifying "quick wins"

Creating New Processes

  • Introduction to various creative techniques
  • Guidelines for Process Design
  • Modeling the Process Steps and Flow
  • Cross Referencing Process to Data

     Case Study: Workshop 2 - Creating a Process

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